Short Story: God’s Well

This is a short story that I wrote.  You had you write a short story 300 words using the word well.  I hope you enjoy God’s Well.

                                     God’s Well


Her soul felt like it was on fire.  The fire was the burning of her soul from the dark demon that had caught her in his trap.  She walked right into it.  He had disguised himself as the man she desired.  He came to her in the form of a handsome man.  He was tall and strong with long blond hair. She wanted him to love her.    He asked for a kiss.  Although, she felt like something was strange; she kissed him, anyway.  But, when she kissed him,  he revealed his true self to her.  It was too late, he already had combined with her soul.  What was she to do?  How could she break free?


 She prayed for the answer to come to her.  After months of worry and feeling drained, the answer came to her in a dream.  She saw in the dream a tall oak tree in the middle of a forest.  She knew this place, but it was different in her dream.  Under the oak tree was a well that was not there in reality.  She must go to this place and find the well.  She must drink of its cool water.  Drinking the cool water was the only thing that would remove the demon’s grip on her soul.  It was God’s well, and the water was his tears.  God’s tears can make the impossible possible.


The next morning she went to the place she saw in her dream.  To her surprise, she saw a well.  She dipped her hands in the water and drank.  The cool water healed as it moved through her body.  She felt it as it removed the demon’s hold on her soul. She felt healthy and alive.  She fell to her knees and thanked God for freeing her.
I hope you enjoyed reading my short story, God’s Well.  Please come back soon for more great reading.
                      Brenda Marie
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Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2018






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