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Somethings must be said, heard, and repeated!!

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Welcome to the new series of Posts from Your Archives 2023 where I will be sharing posts from the last six months of 2022 I have selected from the archives of willing participants. If you wish to be included the information is at the the end of the post.

Retired teacher and author Pete Springer shares the story about a sheriff deputy whose act of kindness had the opportunity to inspire youngsters and how we need to look at both sides of a coin when forming our opinions.

Seeing Both Sides of the Coin by Pete Springer

Photo Credit to Pixabay

I recently read a wonderful story today about a local sheriff’s deputy and his small act of kindness that I wanted to share with my readers. Eel River Deputy Kellen Brown stopped by the Table Bluff Reservation to enjoy a game of basketball with some kids. Though the article…

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What Spiritual Mysticism is, Really?

What Spiritual Mysticism is, Really? I hear these questions all the time. What is Spiritual Mysticism? What is being a spiritual Mystic all about? How can I learn more about being a Spiritual Mystic? In this article, I will explain what Spiritual Mysticism means to me. Spiritual Mysticism is all about spirituality. I often write … Continue reading What Spiritual Mysticism is, Really?

Can Contact with Higher-self Happen?

Can Contact with Higher-self Happen? Can we really contact the higher-self? Yes, we can contact the higher-self, whenever we wish to. Typically, a person contacts the higher-self through meditation or some other altered states of consciousness. The higher-self comes through for a lot of writers and artist. Writing and art can be forms of meditation. … Continue reading Can Contact with Higher-self Happen?

Flash Fiction: Meditation Diaries: The Black River

Meditation Diaries: The Black River An old woman walks through the forest. A wolf walks by her side. But, this is no ordinary forest. This forest reflects the woman’s unconscious mind. And the wolf is no ordinary wolf. He reflects her higher-self. The woman is on her deathbed and about ready to cross over to … Continue reading Flash Fiction: Meditation Diaries: The Black River

How Nature reflects our inner Being

I love this article about how nature reflects of inner being. This is a must read.

What is Love?

How Nature reflects our inner Being

Just sitting outside with the Sun ever so Bright

And still feeling off, just like the moments when

The clouds are creating an empty space

Within, blocking the Sun

Like the outside world is just another

Reflection of my mood today.

Rain is falling, the sun is shining

Clouds are blocking the view

What is it today that keeps

Me in this mood

And what kind of mood is it?

It’s not sadness, it’s not fear

It feels like fatigue, feeling tired to the bone

At times literally, where the density is the thickest

And hardest to let the energy

Come through, the Light of Healing

and Love, so easily felt in my veins,

Is this blocked feel deep within

that needs to withhold some kind of

the barrier to be brought into the Light

Into the surface of my existence

Making me aware…

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Letting Go Of The Old Patterns

Rhea Dopmeijer teaches all the power of letting go!!

What is Love?

Letting go of the old patterns

Letting go of the old patterns, even if they are not mine, to begin with, is sometimes easier said than done. Especially when these are not triggered over a longer period of time. Yet to emerge when pain and sorrow are common factors caused by the transition of a loved one.

When it comes to organizing and planning with more than one sibling, can open up old emotional wounds. Because sorrow is such a raw place, it also turns our inner world upside down. We feel vulnerable and are being asked to step up to the plate within. Leaning on or depending on the love and presence of the loved one will open up the fears and anxiety that lies hidden.

Letting Go Of The Old Patterns

We can choose how to deal with these fears. It will enable us to grow and expand within ourselves as the self-assured and…

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Make your Heart a sanctuary, make Self Love your security

Amazing article by Rhea Dopmeijer about self-love and doing shadow work to heal.

What is Love?

Make your Heart a sanctuary

Make self-love your security

Ask yourself why you judge and condemn yourself so harshly. Be willing to follow your Inner shadow processes in order to learn from their Gifts. This advice today was coming in loud and clear, for the past few days have been all about the inner shadow processes.

I know these are holding the gifts for me to learn and heal, as well as receive. When the energy shifts and emotions are coming up it is always a sign I need to be aware as well watchful. This means as well going through the emotional eruptions and watching as an observer what happens and what triggered it.

Make your Heart a sanctuary and Self Love your security

Am I judging myself or being too hard on myself? Yes, I am at times, I know that from my life experiences and all the steps I had to take to let go. The judging…

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Experiencing the Love and Alchemy of Fire

Sharing Rhea Dopmeijer’s beautiful words about mastering the power of Alchemy.

What is Love?

Experience the love and alchemy of fire

You need not worry, dear one,
All is well.
The energy you are feeling in your body,
Is an adjustment to the new incoming energy
brought in with Cheiron and accompanied
by the huge Solar Flare as a deepening of
the love and energy that was coming in
at this time in the Crystalline Core
Of Gaia and your inner connection.

With the creation of your Nature in assembly
with the Nature of Creation on this Planet,
where you arrived so long ago and you were
aligned and attuned with the Crystalline Core
and all the crystals in your Energy Body,
before you choose to step through
the Wall of Fire to bring in the experience
of duality and returning this gift Home in this lifetime.

By aligning again,
the Wall of Fire elements are here to guide you
and keep you balanced

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Christ Consciousness – Ignite the Seed of Magic

I love readikng Rhea Dopmeijer’s work. She has special insight on many spiritual levels

What is Love?

Christ Consciousness – Ignite the Seed of Magic

To keep it growing, this seed requires time, love, patience, harmony, and balance internally. So, releasing any old patterns, beliefs, and emotional wounds enables us to walk in grace on Earth.

Everyone has a special unique seed within the Heart, this makes you a unique individual with unique abilities.

They are planted deep within the core to come to the surface at the right time, and that will be different for each one of You.

Experiences that will and can be used as stepping stones to coming to a fuller understanding. Growing with each experience into the balanced Self, where the Soul is the tool to achieve this.

It will bring you all back to your true Being, remembering, remembering, reunion with Your True Nature, leaving Home at the time just to re-discover the Essence of You.

Mastering this whole process throughout…

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