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Hello my beloved readers,


My name is Brenda Marie Fluharty.  Thank-you for stopping by and wanting to know more about me. I have been writing short stories and poetry, my whole life. I lost many of my stories and poems to time. My dear grandfather loved to read my childhood writing. He is my guardian angel. I write about him often. 

In 2005, I started sharing my work online. Thanks to some wonderful fellow writers, I started doing freelance writing. After ten years of freelance writing, I started blogging. I have written for many writing sites over the years. Starting with Squidoo, where I made many wonderful online friendships, I still have today. Some other sites I have written for over the years are; Weebly, Bubblews, textbroker, Virily, My2cents, bored panda, vocal, and hastwo. There are many others, I can’t remember the names of them all.

Since 1994 I have been studying Reiki, becoming a Reiki Grand Master in 2009. I have studied several Spiritual practices. Writing enables me to share all my passions, knowledge, wisdom, and life experiences. Some of my other loves are reading, long walks in nature, taking care of pets and children, and meditation. I am a firm believer in learning all you can, but make it your own.



 Combining my passions for spiritual enlightenment and writing, I have written a book Writing Through the Soul and developed several dream journals. Writing Through the Soul is a collection of poetry involving all areas of life. My passion for writing grows stronger as the years go on. I enjoy helping others through my writing and will continue to do this for as long as God lets me.


 Many people loved the title of the book. My husband liked it so much, I decided to start this site Writing Through the Soul.  I hope to help up-and-coming writers. I understand the dream of wanting to be a writer and not feeling like your work is good enough. It took me years to build the self-confidence, I now have. It is my hope and dream to help inspire and encourage other writers.


You can get Writing Through the Soul and any of my dream journals  at Amazon.com.  

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Thank-you for stopping by and reading.
Brenda Marie

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