Soul Healing Reading for May 19, 2023

  Today's message is all about trust.  I am talking about trust in your intuition. Being human is not easy, our egos often gets in our way.  The world is full of distractions and things that will misguide us.  When we learn to trust ourselves and in our intuition (inner-voice) that is when we start … Continue reading Soul Healing Reading for May 19, 2023

(Blog Tour) Book Review: Finding Your Harpy Place by D. H. Willison

Book Review by the Strawberry Post for Finding Your Harpy Place by D. H. Willison

The Strawberry Post

Today is my second stop on The Write Reads blog tour for Arvia: Heart of the Sky the third book in the Tales of Arvia fantasy series, and today I’ll be reviewing the second book in the series, Finding Your Harpy Place.  You can already read my thoughts on book one Harpyness is Only Skin Deep by clicking on the link, but today I’ll be concentrating on the second book which is amazing and (I think) even better than the first!  You can read my thoughts below along with more information on the author and some buy links, but first I’d just like to say a big thank you to both The Write Reads and the author for the chance to be on this tour and for a copy of the book. 🙂 Now, let’s see why I enjoyed this second installment so much…

Title: Finding Your Harpy Place…

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In The Tree’s Shadow: Book Tour with D. L. Finn

Reading Through the Soul

You have to check these books about!  I have not read them yet.  They sound so interesting, I have put them at the top of my reading list.

Myths of the Mirror

I’m delighted to share a new book by my Story Empire colleague Denise Finn. She lives in the magical forests of Northern California among the bears and coyotes, and she writes in a wide range of genres from middle-grade fantasy to horror, from speculative short stories to poetry. I hope you enjoy this introduction to her latest release. Take it away, Denise.


Thank you for having me here today, Diana, to discuss my short story collection, In theTree’s Shadow.

“Effervescent Potion” was part of my personal short story challenge. I’d request a word from a family member and then use it to find an image to work from. I asked my son, Jeffry, the youngest of the children, for a word. Our biology graduate from Oregon came up with effervescent.

Bubbling pictures popped up, and from there, I went to a potion in a lab. What if it…

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