Hounddog Love a Boy and His Dog

This is a story about my son Mark and a sweet little dachshund name Leelee. Mark and Leelee were the best of friends. Leelee helped Mark get over the pain of my mother’s death. My mother once said, every little boy needs a dog.   Hounddog Love the Boy Needs a Dog The story begins … Continue reading Hounddog Love a Boy and His Dog

Spiritual Healing Through Automatic Writing

   Spiritual Healing Through Automatic Writing Automatic writing has many names; spirit writing, souls writing, higher-self writing, channeling, and downloaded writing. It’s also called psychography and is considered to be a psychic ability. Every writer has, at some point, written something that seems to just flow out as if it wasn’t their writing. This is … Continue reading Spiritual Healing Through Automatic Writing

Spiritual Healing Through Journaling

  Spiritual Healing Through Journaling Did you know journaling has become one of the fastest growing therapies out there today? Are you aware life coaches, self-help professionals, and even medical professionals recommending journaling? Did you know you can heal spiritual and other ways through journaling? Journaling can help in many areas, like depression, trauma, shadow … Continue reading Spiritual Healing Through Journaling

Spotlight Poetry – FREE! FREE! FREE! – Anthology – Just Three Lines – A Collection of Small Poems by Goff James – Coming Soon

Let’s all celebrate the joy of writing poetry. Goff James is releasing an Anthology of poetry. And guess what? You can get it for free.

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Anthology Ready for Publication

Volume 1 Part 1

The work published as a downloaded pdf as originally intended published on two different publication days. Each slideshow post can be bookmarked for future reading if so desired.


Volume 1 Part 1 Volume 1 Part 2

Thursday – February – 2 – 2023

Anthology Attribution – Goff James –Just Three Lines

Copyright (c) 2023 Goff James – All Rights Reserved

View haiku poems by Goff James

View senryū poems by Goff James


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Smorgasbord Posts from my Archives – Previous Reviews from 2022 – #Shortstory – #Supernatural – Breathless by Yvette Calleiro

Looking for great books to read. You need to check out sally’s reviews on
Smorgasbord Blog Magazine
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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing my reviews for books I posted between January and June 2022.

Good books deserve to be showcased on a regular basis and I hope that it might entice you to either move the books up your groaning TBR’s or add the books to its burden!

This is my review from January 2022 for the short story Breathlessby Yvette Calleiro… a great introduction to the author’s full length novels which I look forward to reading soon.

About the story

What if the fairy tale kiss that always awakens the damsel in distress takes a sinister turn? What if prince charming’s kiss no longer produces a happily ever after?

Silena’s infatuation with William hits a speed bump when he rejects her. After all, she is just a maid, and he is a young, rich aristocrat in the 1920s. Why would he…

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