Soul Healing Reading May 26, 2023

Today's message is about understanding yourself better.  We change all the time.  We learn and grow often.  Now, is the time for reflection on the growth we have gone through.  Give yourself time and understanding to develop the changes you have gone through. Give yourself the time you need to have a better understanding of … Continue reading Soul Healing Reading May 26, 2023


It's important to realize it's not always about you. Learning lessons are a universal experience. It could have been someone else's turn. Look at things from every angle. Everyone makes mistakes When seeking to acquire knowledge, And take their authentic place. Allow your soul to be your guide. Avoid living with foolish pride. Mistake are … Continue reading Poem:Mistakes

Whenever you are ready

Surrender means going with the flow!

What is Love?

Whenever you are ready

Whenever you are ready to surrender
Into your own Divine Energy,
Particles of Love and Wisdom
Will be activated to bring in more Light
Into your Being and integrating
The Divine Love deep into every cell
An atom of your physical body as well.
By allowing the income of this High Energy,
You will be changed on so many
Different levels of your Total Being.
Connection with all of Creation
It is an important aspect.
You will see the connection
And bring in this realization,
Which you always have known
To be part of you.
For you are built with the same unique
Sparks of Divine Source
And how it will Be apparent
To you that nothing is dividing
you any longer with all of Creation.
Your body is built in the same way
As planet Gaia and the sea life and four-legged ones,
As well…

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