Poem: If Only Humans Were More like Dogs

If only humans were more like dogs. Love would overflow in this world. We would forgive all the bad things that happen. We would look beyond all the bad things we see. Humans would only know happiness If we were more like dogs. We would live in the moment and only feel joy. If only … Continue reading Poem: If Only Humans Were More like Dogs

Setting boundaries or losing them

Amazing Insight on boundaries by Rhea Dopmeijer.

What is Love?

Setting boundaries or losing them

Balancing your day-to-day routine
and your inner journey to release and let go,
the material world with all its issues
caused by duality and illusions, you will stumble
upon boundaries between you and the outside world.
And your inner world,
challenged to bring an end to the boundaries and duality inside,
in order to realign with your inner core.
Using the daily issues as a tool and also as a mirror
to explore, showing exactly how far you have come.

And isn’t this the same within your relationship
with others, your partner, your children,
your family, your bloodlines, or extended kindred spirits?
They are a mirror reflection of you also.
Showing you where you win or lose your grip
or the illusion of control.
Since they show you how deeply you love yourself as well.
To see them as a part of yourself,
for you…

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#TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 322, 5/30/2023: Spirit Animal Poetry

I must say this was one of my favorites that Colleen has come up with.  I loved taking the quiz about the spirit animal.  I was amazed that my spirit animal was the owl.  My mother's Birthday was June 2 and she loved owls.   What It Means To Be The Owl The owl spirit … Continue reading #TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 322, 5/30/2023: Spirit Animal Poetry


It's important to realize it's not always about you. Learning lessons are a universal experience. It could have been someone else's turn. Look at things from every angle. Everyone makes mistakes When seeking to acquire knowledge, And take their authentic place. Allow your soul to be your guide. Avoid living with foolish pride. Mistake are … Continue reading Poem:Mistakes