Poem : Walking Through the Halls of the Akashic Records

  Each soul has its own records, and its owns halls. We have been here since the beginning of time. And, we will continue until the end of time. We choose to be humans this time around. We choose to be here; we choose to be born. We choose to forget the past because, for … Continue reading Poem : Walking Through the Halls of the Akashic Records

Speak to me about validation

Look at the deep message in this post, it’s very important!

What is Love?

What is it about validation, and why do we need it so much to be validated?

I am puzzled about this topic for a while now because it seems a central core issue within every encounter we have. We all are desperate in receiving this validation for the things we do and to hear or see we matter in the way we are living our daily lives, or performing at any stage in life.

May it be like the parent you are to your children, the wife or husband to your partner, the child from its mother and father, the children in the classroom from their teacher, the monks in the temple from the divine source itself.

Or is it we all are searching for the same and by looking for it forgetting we only can achieve true and honest trust within our hearts and soul. We are mirror reflections…

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Can Contact with Higher-self Happen?

Can Contact with Higher-self Happen? Can we really contact the higher-self? Yes, we can contact the higher-self, whenever we wish to. Typically, a person contacts the higher-self through meditation or some other altered states of consciousness. The higher-self comes through for a lot of writers and artist. Writing and art can be forms of meditation. … Continue reading Can Contact with Higher-self Happen?

Flash Fiction: Meditation Diaries: The Black River

Meditation Diaries: The Black River An old woman walks through the forest. A wolf walks by her side. But, this is no ordinary forest. This forest reflects the woman’s unconscious mind. And the wolf is no ordinary wolf. He reflects her higher-self. The woman is on her deathbed and about ready to cross over to … Continue reading Flash Fiction: Meditation Diaries: The Black River

How Nature reflects our inner Being

I love this article about how nature reflects of inner being. This is a must read.

What is Love?

How Nature reflects our inner Being

Just sitting outside with the Sun ever so Bright

And still feeling off, just like the moments when

The clouds are creating an empty space

Within, blocking the Sun

Like the outside world is just another

Reflection of my mood today.

Rain is falling, the sun is shining

Clouds are blocking the view

What is it today that keeps

Me in this mood

And what kind of mood is it?

It’s not sadness, it’s not fear

It feels like fatigue, feeling tired to the bone

At times literally, where the density is the thickest

And hardest to let the energy

Come through, the Light of Healing

and Love, so easily felt in my veins,

Is this blocked feel deep within

that needs to withhold some kind of

the barrier to be brought into the Light

Into the surface of my existence

Making me aware…

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Smorgasbord Health Column 2023 – The Body our Greatest Asset – The Heart – Part Two – Angina, Arrythmia and Valve disorders by Sally Cronin

Sally Cronin shares information about heart health that everyone should know.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

I have featured this series over the last ten years on a regular basis for new readers who might have joined the blog. Our bodies are are greatest asset. It has a long road ahead of if from birth, through the teen years, work life, parenthood, middle age and then into our 70s and beyond.

At every stage of our life healthy nutrition is essential to help the body develop and remain as disease free as possible. I appreciate that many of you may have read this series before three years ago, but I hope it will be a reminder of how amazing our bodies are, and simply eating the right foods, exercising moderately and not doing anything too reckless…will go a long way to enjoying later life to the full.

In this second series of posts I am going to be exploring the heart and its functions. 

It is…

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