Poem: The Death Bird Sings

The Death Bird SingsNo movement could be madeNo yell could be heardThe heart is disturbed.Awaken with a great fright.There was very little light.It was in the middle of the night.What had given this soul a fright?Why could it not move?Why could the voice not be heard?What could it mean?Or was it just a dream?The body … Continue reading Poem: The Death Bird Sings

Poem: The Dragon’s Realm

The Dragon’s RealmIn the Dragon’s realmWhere Merlin is Kingand the Dragons sing.This is the place whereAll magic begins.Where fairies flyAnd make the flowers brightYou must have the rightSight to see the Dragon’s Realm.In the Dragon’s RealmThere is always peace and harmony.Every creature gets along.It is rare that things go wrong.In the Dragon’s Realm the Sun … Continue reading Poem: The Dragon’s Realm