Poem: Shadow Self


Shadow Self

Down in the darkness of the depths of the cellar of my heart I found her.
She was just sitting on the stairs looking around as if she was lost.
She had been there for many years waiting to be found.
She was always there, but could not be seen or at least a part of me would not let her be seen.

I thought she had grown up and become someone new.
But, I was wrong. She stayed young and strong.
Sadly, somewhere along the way of every day, she got lost amongst the gray.

She sits on the stairs and waits for me to return to her.
She knows someday I will  look for her.
She is a part of who I am and always will be.
She will help me see all that I have refused to see in the past.
I will find her when my soul is ready to live and understand all that the world has to give.

She is a part of who I am, even if I do not know it or understand.
Not until I go to her, see her and understand will my soul truly be complete.
She lives in a darkness that most people fear. But, she lives there in delight.
Only when one faces all the darknesses in their heart, can they truly understand?
Who they are and why they are here. Only when one visits the shadow self, do they really know!



Content by Writer Brenda Marie Fluharty©2019 all right reserved
Photo from Pixabay.com

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