Poem: Images of the Past

Images of the Past

Images of the past run through my head.
Lovely thoughts and memories of you.
Images of a time in my life when you were here.
Thoughts of a love so dear.

There was much happiness in the past.
That time went by so fast.
Memories of you come through so strongly.
Memories of the past of a time I wish would have lasted.

I was so young when I lost you.
Once you were gone
I had no idea what I would do without you.

I loved you so strongly part of me died with you.
I could not stand to be without you.

You, the only one who truly knew me.
I felt like I would never have that again.
You were gone and some part of me was missing.

In time the pain lessened.
But, from time to time I still relive
All the lessons you taught me.
I still feel the pain of losing you strongly.

But, that is only because you were a part of me.
You helped me to see all that I could be.
You were the first person who ever believed in me.

I know you are in Heaven watching over me.
But, sometimes I wish you were here beside me.
I strongly feel there will be a time when we are reunited.
Until that time I hold dear to my heart
The memories of the time we had together.

Content and Photos by Writer Brenda Marie Fluharty©2019 all right reserved

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