Poem: Guiding Soul

                                                          My Guardian Angel

Guiding Soul

Two souls that knew each other throughout many lifetimes.
They lived in many forms.
They guided and love one another in many ways.
They had been together for so long
Their souls spoke to one another
They did not even need to say a word.

But in life all things must past.
In this lifetime, he was her grandfather.
He walked away from her when she was young.
That is to say he died, when she was but nineteen.

It took her years to realize he did not leave her.
Only his body had gone.
His soul still walks with her’s.
It still guides her
And, helps her with her fears.

The love that he had for her
Will never die.
It will come back to be known again
In the next lifetime.

Until then he watches over her
As her main guardian Angel.

Content and photo by Writer Brenda Marie Fluharty©2019 all right reserved

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