Poem: Inner-Child Magic

Yes, this me.

I am as happy as I could be.

I was young and free.

I believed there was magic in everything

I could see it in the flowers and the trees.

Yes, I believed in magic back then.


I still believe in magic.

Magic is everywhere!

That is if you want to see.

There is magic in the clouds, in the sky

And the birds as they fly by.

There is magic in every living thing.

Magic makes the heart sing.

Magic is in the love we bring

For every person, place, and thing

In our lives.

Magic can remove all our fears

Magic can take away all the tears.

Magic and bring back the dear

The loved ones that have passed.

They can be alive in our memories and dreams.

In this way, they are seen.

Magic is everywhere if you look.

Magic is reading a delightful book.

Growing older did not take the magic away.

I still see it every day.

Content and photos by Writer Brenda Marie Fluharty©2020 all rights reserved



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