Poem: Days Go Rushing By



Days go rushing by

You do not realize what God sees for you.


Some days you are happy

Some days you are sad.

Some days the world around you looks dark and gray.

Some days you have little to say.


The days go rushing by

Nothing really seems to change.

You can’t help but speculate what is all of this for.

Why does God make us all endure?

What could his intention be?

What will set us all free?


Days race by in the flicker of an eye.

You start off fresh and new

Looking for adventure.

The days seem to linger

In the years of youth.


The truth comes closer

With each passing year.

The days start to disappear.

Faster and faster with each passing year.


Soon may come tears.

Some people cry

For they lose their days

With the same established routines.


Their mark they did not make.

But, for Heaven’s sake

It is never too late.


We are only here for a short time.

That time speeds by in the blink of an eye.

Do not consume your life in regret.

Put your mark on the world.

For the days never stop rushing by.



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Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2020 all rights reserved
Photo from pixabay.com


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