Legend of Birds

Legend of Birds

There is an interesting legend about birds. I have always adored this legend. The legend is birds are a connection to the afterlife. Birds can carry messages from deceased loved ones.

For me, this legend is true. My father wanted me to become a massage therapist. He truly thought it was my calling. I ended up going to massage after my father’s passing. The day I went to the school to sign up, there were hundreds of black birds all over the place. They were also there on the day I started school and the day I finished. I believe the birds were my father letting me know he was proud of me. Sadly, I did nothing with my massage license and I no longer keep it up.

Another reason, I believe this legend to be true is my husband’s and my grandfathers. They are our guardian angels. Often. I see two eagles circling my home. I believe they are our grandfathers watching over us.

My mother loved owls, they were her favorite bird. My mother is my son’s guardian angel. He often sees and hears owls. He always tells me it’s my mother saying hello.

Do you believe birds can carry messages from deceased loved ones?

Content and photo by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2021 all rights reserved

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