Poem: Poetry is Dead!

That was what many people were saying about seventeen years ago. When I started writing online. Posting mostly dark poetry, I had written in my teens and twenties. Believing this, I developed my article writing skills and moved on to freelance writing. After ten years I discovered, it was not for me. Going back to my childhood passion for writing poetry was the only place for me. I discovered poetry was not dead. It was getting a fresh start. Discovering like-minded people who had blogged their poetry rekindled my passion for poetry totally differently. Now, I enjoy writing upbeat and spiritual poetry. This poem is about the thoughts that went through my head when I thought poetry was dead.

Poetry is Dead!

Poetry is dead.

That is all I hear.

From here to there

People are saying,

The language of the soul

Has died, leaving me with no pride.

I want to hide.


My soul shattered in despair.

There must be others who care.

Poetry is the language of the soul.

It must not go!

Poetry cannot fade into history.


Looking beyond those

Who had lost the spirit,

To write from the soul,

To be brave and bold.

I soon discovered

A whole new group

Of deep people,

Who seeks to speak from the soul.

Sharing their poetry is their goal.


My soul cried with pride

As it now found a new home

For the spirit of poetry

It needed to share.

There are other poets out there.

Thank-you for reading.

Much love and light!

Brenda Marie


Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2021 all rights reserved

Photo from pixabay.com

Image by Monsterkoi from Pixabay 


4 thoughts on “Poem: Poetry is Dead!

  1. hip hop and rap would turn that cynical view on its head… the challenge to the petty bourgeois grip on poetry was long over due… most children one meets just love rhymes and simply get the beats… the entire advertising industry is premised on all the same hooks… Opel Fruits Made to Make Your Mouth Water… must be one of most successful ever… So Brenda Marie start belting them out you’ve been silenced for reasons known and unknown but the truth of this is for you to own and not to be told… there are some especially talented young writers about – some are even kids like the Imran News Network and having voice must be protected from nefarious messaging of the sort you talk of. I wonder about age appropriate content sometimes, as you mention I can turn pretty dark, but then I ask why would I peddle this at all… there’s a time and place for that stuff too… my polemics won’t show here for that reason and are such that I write them under a pseudo name in any event… I look forward to hearing from you soon….


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