Christ Consciousness – Ignite the Seed of Magic

I love readikng Rhea Dopmeijer’s work. She has special insight on many spiritual levels

What is Love?

Christ Consciousness – Ignite the Seed of Magic

To keep it growing, this seed requires time, love, patience, harmony, and balance internally. So, releasing any old patterns, beliefs, and emotional wounds enables us to walk in grace on Earth.

Everyone has a special unique seed within the Heart, this makes you a unique individual with unique abilities.

They are planted deep within the core to come to the surface at the right time, and that will be different for each one of You.

Experiences that will and can be used as stepping stones to coming to a fuller understanding. Growing with each experience into the balanced Self, where the Soul is the tool to achieve this.

It will bring you all back to your true Being, remembering, remembering, reunion with Your True Nature, leaving Home at the time just to re-discover the Essence of You.

Mastering this whole process throughout…

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