Today is NATIONAL GARDEN MEDITATION DAY. If you are anything like me, you like to be outside in the nice weather. It has been raining here in New Jersey for almost a week. I really have not been able to spend too much time outdoors. I am not much of a gardener either. That would be my son. He is very good with growing plants and flowers.

A nice beefsteak tomato plant. My son would go with my mother to buy plants, when she was alive. He would come home with at least one of these every trip. When he saw it, he said, my mother made me buy it for him.

I got some nice plants at shop rite. They were having a great sale. I got all five plants for $20. My son was very happy 😊. He loves to garden.

A lovely yellow rose bush. They are my favorite flower. My son wants to own his own flower shop and grow all types of roses. This one is mine because they are my favorite.

This is our Willow tree.  My mother loved Willow trees, so we got one in honor of her.  It’s not doing too well this year.  I am hoping my son can bring it back to life.


This is a photo of my memorial bench.  It started out to be for my husband’s and my grandfather’s.  My son got me the dog statuses. Now, it’s a memorial for all the people and pets I have lost. I love this bench.  It feels sacred to me.  I love to go out in my backyard and meditate on this bench. There are many differant meditations you can do for NATIONAL GARDEN MEDITATION DAY.  Just working in your garden can be a form of meditation.

Meditation quiets the mind and can be done anywhere. Sun Gazing or cloud watching or forms of meditation. They are two of my son’s favorite forms of meditation.  Here is a nice Zen Garden Meditation my son found on YouTube.


I hope every has a wonderful NATIONAL GARDEN MEDITATION DAY.

Thank-you for stopping by and read,

Much love and light,

Brenda Marie



  1. I love your meditation bench! And I can see your son’s flower shop in my mind. Your plants are lovely.


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