What Spiritual Mysticism is, Really?

What Spiritual Mysticism is, Really? I hear these questions all the time. What is Spiritual Mysticism? What is being a spiritual Mystic all about? How can I learn more about being a Spiritual Mystic? In this article, I will explain what Spiritual Mysticism means to me. Spiritual Mysticism is all about spirituality. I often write … Continue reading What Spiritual Mysticism is, Really?

Speak to me about validation

Look at the deep message in this post, it’s very important!

What is Love?

What is it about validation, and why do we need it so much to be validated?

I am puzzled about this topic for a while now because it seems a central core issue within every encounter we have. We all are desperate in receiving this validation for the things we do and to hear or see we matter in the way we are living our daily lives, or performing at any stage in life.

May it be like the parent you are to your children, the wife or husband to your partner, the child from its mother and father, the children in the classroom from their teacher, the monks in the temple from the divine source itself.

Or is it we all are searching for the same and by looking for it forgetting we only can achieve true and honest trust within our hearts and soul. We are mirror reflections…

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Make your Heart a sanctuary, make Self Love your security

Amazing article by Rhea Dopmeijer about self-love and doing shadow work to heal.

What is Love?

Make your Heart a sanctuary

Make self-love your security

Ask yourself why you judge and condemn yourself so harshly. Be willing to follow your Inner shadow processes in order to learn from their Gifts. This advice today was coming in loud and clear, for the past few days have been all about the inner shadow processes.

I know these are holding the gifts for me to learn and heal, as well as receive. When the energy shifts and emotions are coming up it is always a sign I need to be aware as well watchful. This means as well going through the emotional eruptions and watching as an observer what happens and what triggered it.

Make your Heart a sanctuary and Self Love your security

Am I judging myself or being too hard on myself? Yes, I am at times, I know that from my life experiences and all the steps I had to take to let go. The judging…

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Experiencing the Love and Alchemy of Fire

Sharing Rhea Dopmeijer’s beautiful words about mastering the power of Alchemy.

What is Love?

Experience the love and alchemy of fire

You need not worry, dear one,
All is well.
The energy you are feeling in your body,
Is an adjustment to the new incoming energy
brought in with Cheiron and accompanied
by the huge Solar Flare as a deepening of
the love and energy that was coming in
at this time in the Crystalline Core
Of Gaia and your inner connection.

With the creation of your Nature in assembly
with the Nature of Creation on this Planet,
where you arrived so long ago and you were
aligned and attuned with the Crystalline Core
and all the crystals in your Energy Body,
before you choose to step through
the Wall of Fire to bring in the experience
of duality and returning this gift Home in this lifetime.

By aligning again,
the Wall of Fire elements are here to guide you
and keep you balanced

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Spiritual Healing Through Journaling: Self-Love

    Spiritual Healing Through Journaling: Self-Love Many people are not aware of how important self-love is. It is true you can’t truly love someone else until you love yourself. You may be thinking, I love myself. But do you truly love yourself? No one is perfect and there is always room for improvement. I … Continue reading Spiritual Healing Through Journaling: Self-Love

Spiritual Healing Through Automatic Writing

   Spiritual Healing Through Automatic Writing Automatic writing has many names; spirit writing, souls writing, higher-self writing, channeling, and downloaded writing. It’s also called psychography and is considered to be a psychic ability. Every writer has, at some point, written something that seems to just flow out as if it wasn’t their writing. This is … Continue reading Spiritual Healing Through Automatic Writing

Spiritual Healing Through Journaling

  Spiritual Healing Through Journaling Did you know journaling has become one of the fastest growing therapies out there today? Are you aware life coaches, self-help professionals, and even medical professionals recommending journaling? Did you know you can heal spiritual and other ways through journaling? Journaling can help in many areas, like depression, trauma, shadow … Continue reading Spiritual Healing Through Journaling

God’s Golden Light Meditation For Grounding

  What is the God’s Golden Light Meditation For Grounding? God’s Golden Light meditation for grounding is a grounding meditation I use several times a day to ground myself. The God’s Golden Light meditation is used for spiritual protection. I have discovered it is also great for grounding. Grounding has never come easy for me. … Continue reading God’s Golden Light Meditation For Grounding