Whenever you are ready

Surrender means going with the flow!

What is Love?

Whenever you are ready

Whenever you are ready to surrender
Into your own Divine Energy,
Particles of Love and Wisdom
Will be activated to bring in more Light
Into your Being and integrating
The Divine Love deep into every cell
An atom of your physical body as well.
By allowing the income of this High Energy,
You will be changed on so many
Different levels of your Total Being.
Connection with all of Creation
It is an important aspect.
You will see the connection
And bring in this realization,
Which you always have known
To be part of you.
For you are built with the same unique
Sparks of Divine Source
And how it will Be apparent
To you that nothing is dividing
you any longer with all of Creation.
Your body is built in the same way
As planet Gaia and the sea life and four-legged ones,
As well…

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What is it about Suppression?

Rhea Dopmeijer explains suppression.

What is Love?

What is it about Suppression?

Suppression is being done by both sides, the moment the power shifts. The moment the shift between energy feminine/masculine was entering duality. Through the incarnation, you are a child of light as much as everyone else. Through lifetime experiences, the balance between both energies got distorted. We not only have to heal the feminine wound as well the masculine one.

Yet, you can only start healing your own wound. From within. The accident, or incident .your soul’s mission to come here in the density of 3D as a human being, your soul incorporation. With the issue at hand. Restore the balance between male/female energy from within. Then there will be no battle left.

You sweet one have chosen this lifetime to finally restore this inner balance. To be the giver as well as the receiver, to be love in all its aspects as well bringing…

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