Last Christmas with Pop

Here is a short story of a magical moment between grandfather and granddaughter.  This is a true story of the last Christmas, I spent with my grandfather, before he could no longer drive.  My grandparents lived in Pennsylvania and my family lived in New Jersey.

                  Last Christmas with Pop

Looking back it was over thirty years ago.  My grandparents always came to our house for Christmas.  I loved having everyone there.  Mostly, I loved being able to have my grandfather there.

My last Christmas with my grandfather was a strangely warm one.  I remember, going for a walk with my grandfather.  I had something very special;  I wanted to show him.  Something, I knew, he would understand.

I loved going for walks with my grandfather.  He knew the names of all the trees and flowers.  He would tell me what they were used for in herbal medicine.

I took my grandfather to a park close to my house.   On the edge of the park was something very special.  There was a huge tree that was very important.  I had to show this amazing tree to my grandfather.  It was a huge Willow tree.  The limbs of the tree were so huge and hung to the ground.  This Willow Tree was my hiding place.  It was the place where I went when I wanted to be alone and write.

I remember pushing the leaves aside and sitting under the tree with my grandfather.  The sunlight shined through the branches. It was a magical place for a young girl like me.

It was here in this mystical place that my grandfather gave me advice, I still use today.  It was under this special tree my grandfather said,  “Do not worry about what anyone else thinks of your writing.  I love it.  Never stop writing.  Write, if you only write, just for me.”

I don’t remember, much else about that Christmas.  I only remember this very special moment with my grandfather.  This moment will forever live in my heart.

 Merry Christmas,
                                                Brenda Marie

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5 thoughts on “Last Christmas with Pop

  1. It sounds like you remembered the most important part of that Christmas. What a special love between you and your Grandfather! Hugs to you Brenda.


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