Spiritual Healing Alternative Medicine and Disclaimer


Spiritual Healing Alternative Medicine and Disclaimer:

The healing and alternative health information, articles and reviews that are written on this blog are meant to inform, they are not intended as a substitute for professional medical and psychiatric treatment and/or advice. I am not a licensed medical doctor or psychiatric doctor and do not prescribe any medications.
You are responsible for your health, treatment, and care. Always consult your  doctors before trying any alternative health treatments. It is always recommended that you continue to follow the medical treatment prescribed by your own doctors. However, energy healing and alternative medicine do help along with regular medical care.
On my blog, I have assembled various articles, reviews, and information, which I hope visitors will find helpful. If anyone chooses to use the advice given on this blog site or linked websites, they do so at their own risk. I do not accept any of the responsibility for the uses of this information and make no guarantee it will improve anyone’s well-being or state of health. 
       Brenda Marie Fluharty

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