Always By My Side

 When my grandfather died, I wrote a poem. The poem has been just for him. I read it at his funeral. Everyone loved the poem because it had a lot of feeling. The poem was about what my grandfather meant to me. I put the poem in my grandfather’s pocket, and they buried it with him. The poem was lost to me and the world. This poem is close to the one I wrote for my grandfather. 

Always By My Side

Grandpa, you are the one who made me see I am a part of this family.
I never did fit in with any of them. I am just so different from all of them.
I felt so different from them, that I often asked, how could I be born into this family?

You who lived so far away. You whom I could not be with every day.
You showed me, that yes, I was meant to be born into this family.
It was you who I was like. It was you who brightened my soul.
You were the reason that I had to be here with them.
It was you who made me, the wonderful person that I am.

Once I had discovered this truth. It was like you were always by my side.
You who lived over 300 miles away. I knew, you protected me every day.
You were my earth angel. The one who guided me and helped me see the light.
How I cherished our times together. You knew me better than anyone.
Although our times together were few and far apart. Those are the moments in my life
That meant so much. They are the moments that shaped who I am.

Somehow you always made me feel like I belonged. That my dreams were real.
I always knew that my feelings mattered to you. You gave me the courage
To dream, write, and fight for all that I desired.

You were always more than just pop.
You were the one always by my side.
You were the one who always listened.
You always gave me the courage to try.
You always listen.
You helped grow my pride.

You were always there for me when I needed a helping hand.
You were always there when I needed someone to hold my hand.
Dearest pop, you meant the world to me.
You help me understand, just who I really am.

When you died. I felt like a part of me died with you.
Somehow, I knew, although you were no longer here
That you would always and forever be by my side.

Photo and content by Brenda Marie ©2019 all right reserved

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