Poem: Human Experience

We are here to learn.
We are here to expand our souls.
In order to accomplish these tasks
And grow in the vast
Love of God’s Golden light.
We must journey within.

We need to discover 
All that we are.
We need to love ourselves
Both the good side and the bad.
We need to stop looking afar.
All that we need God has given to us.
We must journey into our hearts.

We need to discover that none of us 
Is above the other.
We are all unique and special
In our own ways.
We are all brothers and sisters.

We are all one family,
Even if we believe in different Gods.
We are all made of flesh and blood.
We all live on Earth together.
Let us act as what we truly are
One big family.  Each of us having
Different points of views.

Content by Writer Brenda Marie Fluharty©2019 all right reserved

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