A Look at Myths About Dreams

A Look at Myths About Dreams

These days more and more people realize their dreams. People realize some dreams have meaning. There are many myths about dreams. In this article I will talk about some top dreaming myths. You will learn about dreaming myths and the facts.

Every person on earth dreams every night.  Just because you cannot remember your dreams does not mean that you are not dreaming.   We have four or five dreams a night. There are many myths about dreaming and many facts about dreaming. Here are some myths about dreams and the facts that correspond to them.

Myths and Facts About Dreams


Myth: Customary dreams customary meanings.

Fact: This is defiantly not true. We are all different and have had different experiences. Different things have different meanings to different people.

Two people may have the same dream, but the dream will mean something different to each person. This is because their experiences, beliefs, and backgrounds are different.

For example, a dream about a crow can mean death, enlightenment, spiritual growth, negative aspects of oneself, fear or unconscious awareness. It all depends on the personal beliefs of the dreamer. This is the reason you are the best person to interpret your dreams.

Myth: All people can control their dreams while they have them.

Fact: Only about 10% of people realize they are dreaming during a dream and only about 10% of people who realize they are dreaming can control some aspects of the dream.

Realizing you are dreaming and being able to control what you are dream differs slightly from Lucid dreaming where you can control what you are dreaming.  For more about Lucid dreaming read Understanding Lucid Dreams.

Myth: Dreams only happen when people are in a deep state of sleep.

Fact: This is way off, you can dream in every state of sleep, from the lightest to the deepest states. Think about the daydreams. Some people see the images of the dreams while they are awake.   Think about what happens when you read a good book.  Some people get so wrapped up in a book, they can see themselves living the story.

Myth: Daydreaming reduces one’s ability to get things done.

Fact: While daydreaming at the wrong time may cause a delay in producing.  People who often daydream are creative, productive people. These people often think out of the box and come up with life changing ideas.  Daydreamers are usually the ones who find the best way to do things quicker, easier, and all around better.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Myths and facts about dreams. Do come back again.

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3 thoughts on “A Look at Myths About Dreams

  1. Interesting. I wake up knowing I've had a dream or two but as soon as I open my eyes I can't remember what they were about. Once in a while I can but not often.


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