A Crystal Ball of Dreams

In the spiritual realm glass represents the barriers we put around ourselves.  The only person stopping your dreams from coming true is you.

A Crystal Ball of Dreams


Once I lived in a crystal globe.
A globe that was filled with all
My heart’s desires.

A place that showed me
Everything I longed for.
A place filled with my dreams
And all my heart’s desires.

This place was a trap.
A trap to keep me
From moving forward
And making my dreams come true.

In the real world actions speak
Louder than words.
The only way to make your
Dreams come true, is to put
Them into action.

Only your imagination can sometimes
Get in your  way.
It wraps you in a crystal ball,
Showing you what life would be like
If all of your dreams came true.
It takes you to a place where you never want to leave.

Only you can break your soul free from this
What appears to be a magical place.
Only you will know, when you hear
The crystal ball break and shards scatter.

Don’t lock your soul in what appears
To be a magical place, where all your dreams hide.
Break free from the crystal ball.

Break free and take the steps you must take
To make your dreams into reality.
Listen for the shards to hit the floor
This is when you will  know for sure
It is your soul that is finally strong enough
To make your dreams manifest into reality.


Content by Writer Brenda Marie Fluharty©2019 all right reserved

Photo from pixabay.com

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