Poem: Write For You

Write For You

Do what you love!
Write for you.
Write what you know.
Write what you love.

No matter what you write
There will always be people
Who love what you write
And people who hate
What you write.

There is no reason to fight.
Write what you like and know.
Write with all your might.

No one really knows,
Who will like what you write
And who will hate the things you write.

You never know
You may help someone grow.
You may change someone’s life.
You may brighten a day.

You may make someone cry.
You may make someone want to die.
Just do not tell yourself lies.

Write for yourself.
You are all that truly matters.
There will always be those
Who love what you write
And, those who hate what you write.

Content and photo by Writer Brenda Marie Fluharty©2019 all right reserved

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