Poem: Senior

On this my grandfather’s birthday.  It only seems fitting to share this poem with all of you.  Happy Birthday Pop.

Poem: Senior

Please share your wisdom and knowledge with me.
I want to hear all the wonderful stories you have to tell.
A lifetime of lessons learned.
I know, if I listen well,
I will gain a lifetime of understanding
From the stories you have to tell.
I want to hear of the many journeys you have taken.
I want to learn from all you have encountered.
I want to learn your lessons.
So, I do not have to face the same problems you did.
Or, at least face them with your wisdom in my head.
I want to gain your wisdom and knowledge
So, I too can pass it on for others to follow.
Please, dear senior, tell me all the stories you have to tell.
Share your knowledge and wisdom.
So, the world can learn from what you know.
Content and photo by Writer Brenda Marie Fluharty©2019 all right reserved

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