Writing Through the Soul

If you have been following me for any amount of time, you know, it has been my lifelong dream to be a published author.  On March 24, 2020, I realized that dream.   After reading through 1000s of poems, I wrote over my lifetime.  I picked 77 of them and published a poetry collection book.  Writing Through the Soul is what I say it is.  These poems will touch your soul.
I am sad to say, my grandfather is not here to see this.  Although, I know, he is looking down at me right now with pride. If you have followed me, you know, my grandfather was the first fan of my writing.  He encouraged me at a young age.  I will never forget him yelling at my family for not listening to a short story I wrote when I was five and stay with him.  My grandfather and his basset hound were the first ones to hear the story.  As I read it to them on his porch swing.

Writing Through the Soul You Can Do It

They discouraged me from writing my whole life.  I am not a great speller and grammar well, I was never good at it.  That did not matter to some people.  My grandfather being the first.  Over the years, my spelling and grammar has improved greatly.  I lost track of this dream when my son was born.  He was what was important to me then.
A few years back, this dream resurfaced.  I knew, no matter what, I had to write and publish a book of my poetry.  I have finally done it.   Writing Through the Soul was published on March 24th, 2020.  Four days after what would have been my parents’ 55th wedding Anniversary.
I dedicate this book to every writer out there who was ever told; they were not good enough.  I never gave up hope.  Please, don’t let other people’s words shatter your dreams.  Thank-you for reading.

Photos and content by Brenda Marie Fluharty  ©2020 all right reserved

8 thoughts on “Writing Through the Soul

  1. What a great accomplishment. You should be so proud of yourself, especially when you know your grandfather is right there with you. Congratulations on overcoming what some might see as a barrier to you achieving your dream.


  2. This is such great news, Brenda. What a fabulous story of tenacity and love for words, poetry and your vision. BRAVA!Looking forward to hearing more from you!Julie JShttp://creativelifemidwife.com/2020/04/endshame/


  3. I am so proud and excited for you Brenda! You grandfather has to be beaming for you and when you see the sun shining from above, it will be him shining down on you! Hugs and love, going to find your book!!


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