Poem: A Dog’s Poem

I know you are down.
You are feeling sad and blue.

All I want to do is make you smile
The way you make me smile
Every time that I see you.

I know your day was long
I do not know what you do.
When you come home
I will sing you my song.
I miss  you all  day long.

As I sit my the door waiting for you.
Every sound that I hear
I think it’s you.
When I realize it’s not
I am blue.

Throughout the day, I wait for you.
I wish you would stay.
But I know you have to go.
So, I wait for you to come home.

I know that you are on your way
Long before you arrive.
I can not wait to see you.

I sing as I hear your key in the door.
I know you are home to stay.
I know that we can play.
I love to see you smile
When you walk through the door
As I wag my tail and smile.
I give you kisses
And we play for a while.
I love to make you smile.

Content  and photo by Writer Brenda Marie Fluharty©2020 all rights reserved

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