Poem: Help Them!!!

See, the souls of the lost.

They seem to come to you.
You who lay there dying.

Why do they come to see you?
You wonder as hundreds of lost souls
Flood into your view.

You think to yourself.

I cannot help them
Why do they come to me?
What do I do?
I pray!
I pray for them to see the light!
I pray for God to take them home!

I am not a minister or religious man
Why do they come to me?
I am a sinner.  I have done so many bad things.
Why do they come to me?
I do not wish to see
The pain and lost looks on their faces.
Far too many lost soul cases.
Who is bringing them to me?
I cannot see?

A voice whispers:
You are the light that will guide them home.
You are a better man than you ever thought you would be.
Laying there dying, all you can see
Is the bad side of who you used to be.

God has sent them to you.
For you hold their key.
You were a good man more than you were bad.
God wants you to see.
See that you are their key
To finding their way home.
You are their light in the darkness
Only they can see.

You have opened the gateway
And have shown them the light.
The right way through Heaven’s gate.

Photo from pixabay.com
Content by Writer Brenda Marie Fluharty©2020 all rights reserved

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