Poem: Dreams Heal the Inner-Child




Dreams show us things we do not want to know.

They show us a side of ourselves long forgotten.

Or just things we do not want to know.

It is thought, when you are ready to heal,

The truth will be revealed.


Little by little our true selves come out of the shadows.

Memories of the past, we thought, we had long forgotten

Show up in strange ways, to give us new insight

To the person, we try to hide from ourselves.


The person who is really real.

We discover new parts of ourselves

As our inner child heals.

Things we did not know we felt

That is all too real.


Did you really see yourself in such a low point of view?

Were you taught those feelings were not real?

Were you taught to hide them away?

Not to put them on display?

After years of following their rules and doing what they say

You have now come to a place where the inner-child heals.

This place is real and hide so much pain,

But once you learn to heal, there is much knowledge to gain.

Content and photo by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2020 all rights reserved

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