Poem: Facing Addictions




I have seen the dark side of my soul.

There was a blackness I did not know.

I thought I was whole.

New discoveries about the world

Brought this all about.


I had to look deeper to find the source

Of the pain and blockages.

I was seeking the start of the pain.

I did not want to face

What I had done to myself.


I had to look deep within with force

For this massive healing to begin.

It is not a sin to be self destructive.

There are lessons to be learned

With each new self-discovery.


I have turned and face the pain.

Facing the deepest source of the cause

Of all of this pain and self destruction.

I have discovered how to set my soul free.

Addictions take time to heal.

Understanding where and why, they appear

Helps one to heal these behaviors.


It is a lesson in self discipline and willpower.

One that I pray I win.

I have discovered the source of the pain

That was my place to begin.

The healing has started.

I realize it will take my all to overcome

The almost life long addictions

I have to face.


I realize it will take all my self-discipline, faith, will, and force.

I know I can do it with all the help of the angels and ascending masters.


Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2020 all rights reserved
Photo from pixabay.com

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