Poem: You Can Not Run From God’s Calling

Poem: You Can Not Run From God’s Calling



In the darkness of night

We fight to find the light.

Driven by personal insight.

We become the power

Blooming from the darkness.

It is only after we have won the fight

We find our place in the light.


My higher-self screams with frustration.

It has sent so many signs for me to see.

Sent them so many times,

It’s running out of different ways to show me.

My higher-self does not understand

I cannot fully see God’s Plan.

It frightens me.

I cannot see the strength within me it sees.

I try to do my best, but I fail myself.


I have looked deep within to find the light.

But all I see is fright of the unknown and lack

Of self belief.


I ran until I came face to face

With Arche Angel Micheal.

Who turn me around.

Who made me see the dark side of me.

Love sets the darkness free.

Learn to love yourself despite the darkness you see.


Everyone has fears, when they hear God’s calling.

They think, oh no, the Creator could not have chosen me.

I am not smart enough, strong enough or many other not enoughs.

But the Creator knows all, God knows the things you do not see.

Time and time again, he tells you his plans.


He sends the Angels to help you see you have it in you.

No human is perfect, it’s the way things were meant to be.

You can do much more than you know,

Your true strength and intelligence he can see.

He believes in you even if you don’t.

He has no intention of making you do it alone

Angels are by your side to help you along the way.

They will guide you, if you give them your trust.

They will never leave you and they see the fullness of your soul.

They know who you really are and will help you remember and heal.

They will help you with everything all you have to do is pray.

Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2020 all rights reserved

Photo from pixabay.com


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