Book Review: Poetic Thoughts Fly By  Rasma Sandra Raisters

Book Review: Poetic Thoughts Fly By  Rasma Sandra Raisters

I am a huge fan of poetry. I love to read poetry and write poetry. I am very fond of Rasma Sandra Raisters. Her poetry is very moving. There is something about her poetry that speaks to me. Maybe it is that I relate to her lost of her father, as I lost my father. My grandfather was my inspiration where her father was hers. I am a big fan of Rasma Sandra Raisters work and follow her blog Poetic Words.
Rasma is an author, blogger, and loves to travel. Rasma Sandra Raisters writes what I would call epic poetry of love. One of my favorite poems of her’s is “Can’t Say Goodbye”. It’s a deep and moving poem that hit me on so many levels. Her poetry is like a painting with words.
I love her poetry about her love for nature. I share this love. I love reading about her love for trees and the sunset. If you enjoy reading poetry you will enjoy Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings of Love. Both books are poetry collections by Rasma Sandra Raisters. You can get both books from

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