Flash Fiction: Rain From Another Realm

Flash Fiction

I love flash fiction. A few years ago I started doing flash fiction challenges to get me back into writing short stories. Flash fiction stories can be anywhere from a few words to a few thousand words long. This was a flash fiction challenge using the word rain. Rain From Another Realm popped into my head.

Flash Fiction: Rain From Another Realm

Alice was taking a walk on a sweltering July day. The sky was clear. She could not see a cloud in the sky. She felt a strange sensation in her hand, like a drop of water. She thought nothing of it. She continued her walk. Then she felt more and more drops of water, like it was about to rain. There were no water marks on her hands or anywhere else. She was not sure what it could be!
Suddenly Alice could see things changing right before her eyes. She hadn’t moved, but it was as if the world around her had changed. It was just a little brighter, nothing more. But it was drizzling. She closed her eyes and opened them again. She must have been dreaming.
She decided she was tired, and it was time to return home. The whole back home it felt like it was raining, but there were no signs of rain to be seen. It was raining in another realm that she also called home.
Do you like to write flash fiction?

Content  by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2020 all rights reserved
photo from pixabay.com 


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