Poem: Muse Please Stay



 I have a passion for writing.  All my life I have been writing short stories and poetry.  Like all writers, there are days when my muse does not want to be heard.  Days when inspiration just is not there.  This is a poem for my muse on those days. 



Muse Please Stay



Writing is in the soul

But there are days

When the words

Do not appear.

Days when nothing seems clear.


I long to hear the words of my muse

But she disappeared.

I cry into the night

For her to come to me

I want to see her and speak with her.


My cries go unanswered.

It is because she has nothing to say.

This cannot be!

A muse is all knowing

And there is so much knowledge to gain.


Have I done something wrong?

Have I offended my loving muse?

If I have, I am sorry.

My soul needs you to stay.


I long for your words every day.

I know you have much to say.

I know I am just a channeler of yours.

I am grateful for this honor, my muse.

Please do not go away.



Maybe that is it

I have not honored my muse enough.

If you come back to me

I will honor you every day.

I will write all you have to say.


Please come back to me

My dear muse

This soul needs you to stay.


Content  by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2020 all rights reserved

Photos from Pixabay.com





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