Poem: Short But Sweet

 Short But Sweet


Short, but sweet. Just three little things written by me. On my journey through life, I have learned to appreciate the circle of life. I wrote these three little things about the end of the journey, or is it the beginning?


Fall Walk

Yellow, red, and brown

Turn the frown upside down.

A walk amongst the trees

Sets the soul free.




Darkness into Light

On cold, dark winter nights,

The sparkle of the stars

Send the love in the heart

On a long journey

To heal those with broken light.





Winter in the Circle of Life

Winter a time of death.

A time for seeds to be planted.

A time for new hopes to begin.

A time for closed hearts to be opened.

A time to hear the last birds sing.

Winter is the ending, but also

The beginning.

The circle of life never ends.



Content  by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2020 all rights reserved
Photos from pixabay.com


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