Poem: Felt, Heard, and Healed





Feeling down!

Feeling blue!

Need to cry

And don’t even know why!

Powerful emotions from the past

Are coming to the surface

They need to be felt.

They crave to be heard.

They need to be healed.

Feelings that will resurface

Until they are felt, heard and healed.

They will not be ignored.

They need to be explored.

They need to be understood.

Facing these emotions is never easy.

With strength from the heart,

They can be felt, heard, and healed.

Healers are warriors of the light.

They must be strong and fight.

Every person is a healer

And warrior of the light.


Content  by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2020 all rights reserved

Photo from Pixabay.com



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