A Rose A Way to Judge the Right Man





When I was a young girl and started dating, my father told me, the best way to judge a good man was to give him a rose. I would know by seeing his reaction to the rose, if he was right for me. I was a very sensitive young woman and my father know, what type of guy would be ideal for me. I would have to be with a guy who was strong enough in his masculinity to accept the rose willingly.


I did what my father said. I had guys tear the rose to shreds right in front of my face. Well, they were all wrong for me. Only one man accepted the rose in the way my father had planned. He still has the rose to this day. He loved it and pressed it in a book. I have been with that man for over 25 years. My husband kept the rose.


I found out the idea to give a rose to someone you were going out with, came not from my father. In fact, a young girl had given my father a rose. That girl was my mother. I thought to myself, how sweet my mother gave my father a rose. A rose he kept for 34 years until he died. The idea of the rose was my grandfather’s, and I loved it came from him. Try it girls, it works.


photo from Pixabay.com

Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2021 all rights reserved


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