Poem: Hero

I wrote this poem after reading an article about being the hero in your own life. Far too often most people see themselves as victims of the world.  Changing the way we see ourselves will change the way others see us.  See yourself as a hero, not a victim.






I am a hero, brave and strong.

Not to say, I have not been knocked down.

I have been put down, locked up, and shut up.

I have lived my life of pain, hurt and disadvantage.


I turned my life around when I found that true strength

Is when you get back up after being knocked down.


I became what some call an alchemist.

I learned to take the dark events in my life and find the light.

Sharing my stories of pain. Showing others how I learn to fight.


As a young girl, I was scared and lived in fright.

Gaining strength through the suffering I endured.

I learned there is much more to me

Than what my small world of people could see.


Years ago I wrote some of the darkest poetry

Some will ever read. Writing about pain and sorrow.

Stories about my life that I had borrowed.


Later, in life, I learn to look for the light.

In everything and everyone, I look for the God light.

Words are the sword I choose to use in my fight.


I have learned to use God’s loving light.

Walking the path he chose for me.

Helping the world to see

There is beauty and good in everything.

You have to look hard sometimes to see.

I have become the hero in my life.

Doing what I love and fighting back when I can.

Showing myself and the world,

Love can change the world for the good.


Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2021 all rights reserved

Photo from pixabay.com



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