World Family

We are delivered into this world with open minds, bodies, and souls.

We can look at the world as a gigantic family.

We have no prejudice, bias, discriminations, or preconceived notions.

We do not accept why we are taught these bad emotions.

We are all one enormous family with millions of brothers and sisters to love.

We are a world of humankind, and our symbol should be the drove.

The drove stands for peace, love and harmony.

I wish there was a way I could make every human see

This is the nature God wants us to be.

We were meant to live in peace with our sisters and brothers of man.

Even if we disagree, we need to look past our differences and stand

Together, as one great extensive Family.

No two minds think totally the same. This is the way it was meant to be.

God has a plan for every woman, child, and man.

We are here to help one another along the way.

Discovering the talents that make one another shine as God had planned.

Why are we letting peace, love and happiness slip through our hands like grains of  sand?

4 thoughts on “World Family

  1. You are absolutely right, I couldn’t agree more. It would really be a blessing if it were like that, the way God intended. If we could just love one another regardless of color that would make God’s heart smile. We would treat each other with love and respect with a humble heart. Thank you for sharing your post. It is touching. Keep on writing through your soul. God bless you my sister.

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