Seek the Truth of the Soul

In the darkest depths of the soul
You must seek the truth
You must find the light.

It is not an easy Journey
But one we must all take.
That is if we wish to truly see.
To see all that we are
And all that we can be.

Walk in the darkness of the soul
To break free of the other’s hold.
You must be bold
To go on this journey.

Many choose to only take it
When they are old.
When they have the wisdom
Of a lifetime to guide them.

You must be a warrior!
You must be strong of mind!
You must believe in yourself!
Or you can get lost in the darkness.

Those with these traits and
The power to believe
Will find the light
In the darkness
And, be free.

Search the depths of your soul. You will discover all you need and have ever want has always been within you.

Thank-you for reading. Much love, light, and happiness to all!

Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty©2019 all right reserved
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