The time will arrive when all individuals will recognize

They are all reflections of God.

Whether positive or negative, they reflect the great creator.

Every mortal being will accomplish this, eventually

They will figure out what they want to be.

There is good and evil inside of every man, no matter their stands.

This was a part of God’s master plan.

It is the power of choice

That makes one to be identified as good or evil, indeed.

There is a spark of God’s Golden light in all that possesses life.

All have the freedom of choice, all can deliver.

The decision is up to each one of you.

Accomplish what you have to work out!

If one is evil, there is good inside

They may try to hide the good because of pride.

If one appears to be evil, look deep for the God spark in inside.

Don’t make them something they don’t want to be

See, the authenticity in letting everyone decide.

When every man, woman, and realizes this,

The Angels will be dancing in Heaven

Because all the world will have achieved

God’s perfect plan for all of humanity.

Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2021 all rights reserved

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