Writing Through the Soul May Writing Prompts

Writing Through the Soul May Writing Prompts

There was a time when I would not use writing prompts. I wrote when the feeling hit me. I wrote whatever popped into my head. All I did was to write for the enjoyment of writing. I still write for the enjoyment of it. Even the best of writers can use a little inspiration now and again.

Writing prompts can be anything from one word, word phrases to photos. We can use writing prompts for any type of writing. Use these writing prompts for any type of writing you would like. I leave it all up to you. Your writing can be any style and length you wish. You can pin back your writing if you like, you can post a link in the comment section or write your work in the comment section. It’s all up to you.

Writing Through the Soul 31 Writing Prompts for May


May is a month when things grow. Life is renewing itself. I based many of these prompts on that theme. May 1st is called May Day, it’s also my husband’s birthday. Many cultures celebrate the new beginnings May Day brings.

Here are Your 31 Writing Prompts for the Month of May

New Beginnings

Flowers in the sky

Birds singing


Spring Rain

Walk in the woods

Children playing

Lakeside view

Mother’s Day!

Sitting in the breeze

Trees in bloom

Fire pit at night

Porch swing


Long walks in the sand

New love


The beach


Love of the land

Whispering Winds

Circles in the sand

Wishing star

Wishing to be outside

No work for me

Lazy Day

Family at play


Mowing the Lawn

Rainy Day Blues

Memorial Day

I hope you enjoy the writing prompts for May. Use them as you wish. Have fun with them. If you like you can share your work here, I would love to read it.

Content and photos by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2021 all rights reserved

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