Yellow Rose

After reading Lia DeMeo’s post A Day in Lia’s Shoes, I wrote this poem. After reading about her garden, it  brought back a lovely memory for me. Lia has yellow roses in her garden. Yellow roses are my favorite. The reason why the yellow rose my favorite comes through in this poem.

Yellow Rose

I remember the first rose ever given to me.

It was a yellow rose that tickled my nose.

My grandfather gave the yellow rose to me.

I love the smell of the roses in his garden.

Their sweet perfume filled the whole yard.

But, as I went to pick one, someone was standing guard.

I walked away. Sad to say I did not get a rose.

I was so sad I cried. My grandfather asked, why?

All I want is one rose to carry with me.

I love their smell so delightful to my senses.

My grandfather pick one yellow rose just for me.

I smiled with glee. He was happy to see.

The yellow rose tickled my nose, and we both sneezed.

Therefore, my favorite rose is the yellow rose.


Content and photo by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2021 all rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Yellow Rose

  1. What a beautiful poem and I’m sure you grandfather is looking down with a big smile. I’m so glad Lia’s post brought back such a wonderful memory for you. We love you so much!!


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