Legend of Age in Heaven

The photo is of my Guardian Angel, my beloved grandfather Chapman in his 30s. 

There is a legend that says when you die and go to Heaven, you are in your 30s. This is because you are strong in all areas. You are not too young and you are not too old. As soon as you step into the Heavenly realm, you regain the wisdom and knowledge of all your lifetimes. You will need it to help others in other realms. Using unconditional love and helping others is one task you have when you are in the Heavenly realms. There are others, but they depend on your soul’s journey.

Content and photos by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2021 all rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Legend of Age in Heaven

  1. I’ve wondered about what happens when a baby is killed. It hasn’t yet formed a personality. Who teaches it when it reaches heaven. Or for that matter, does a soul have a personality as we think of it on Earth? Many lives, many characters? So what is the essence of a person? The image of a thirty-year-old Is one personality?


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