Writing Through the Soul: 7/10- 7/17 Weekly Round-Up

Writing Through the Soul:: Weekly Pound-Up


After writing a few articles about keeping track of your writing. I decided I would show other writers an easy way to keep track of the writing by keeping track of mine. I write poetry, article, flash fiction and short stories. Posting my writing all over. This will also help my readers if they missed some of my work. The weekly round-up will be all the writing I did for the week.


Writing Through the Soul: 7/10- 7/17 Weekly Round-Up



Fulfilling Dreams

Poetry Has a Hold on Me

Life Lessons

True Love


The White Feather

Love of Life




Writing Tips From a Lifelong Writer

The Spiritual Mystic’s Love and Light: Never Give Up Hope

Reading Helps with Writing

Writing Through the Soul Changing Passion for Writing



Short Stories:

Meditation Diaries:  A Shaminic Meditation Healing

Gifted 50 Cents From Heaven on a Long, Tiring Day


Not too bad for one week.  I do wish I was able to write more.  At least I am writing every day.  My big problem is trying to write before I read.  I will work on that next.

I am still writing more poetry than anything else.  Can’t help that, it’s in my soul to write poetry.  I will have to try and write more articles next week. Thank-you for stopping by and reading.

Much Love and  Light,


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