The Magic Basset Dachshund

Do you believe in magic? I do!

The World Can Be a Magical Place If You Believe it is Magical!

This is a story about my beloved pet Fred the basset dachshund. Fred was a very special dog. I believe my guardian angel, my grandfather, sent Fred to me. When I was a girl, I wrote poetry and short stories all the time. My grandfather was my first and biggest fan. I have many wonderful memories of reading my stories to my grandfather on his porch with his basset hound Fred by our side.

The Magic Basset Dachshund

I have always loved to write. Back in 2016 after doing freelancing and blogging over ten years and not seeing anything come of it. I was thinking about stopping writing all together. Writing was not fun for me anymore. I had lost my passion for it. Not to mention my beloved Dachshund Leelee had passed away. My best blog The Contented Dachshund was all about her. To top it all off, my account was hacked, and I was going to have to start all over again.

I was about to give up on my childhood dream of writing. In life, inspiration comes from the strangest places. Shortly after, Leelee passed away. My family ended up adopting two new dogs. Bella, a mini dachshund, and Rusty, who became Fred. Fred was no ordinary dog. It turned out that Fred was one of Leelee’s puppies. The Universe’s way of return my love for Leelee.

I know Fred was meant to be with me. He followed me everywhere. He reminded me of my grandfather’s basset hound. When I saw Fred, it was love at first sight. He was an older dog with cysts on his belly and one over his heart. The vet told me I would be lucky if he made it six months. It did not matter, I loved Fred and was going to make the end of his life his best. Little did I know the impact Fred would have on me.

The Love Magic of Fred the Basset Dachshund

Fred was a sweet old dog. He loved to follow me everywhere I went. We got Fred on April 1st. Fred did something special for me. He made me feel like a kid. I loved his long, floppy ears and big white paws. There is just something about a basset hound that makes my heart sing.

Shortly after Fred joined my family, I started writing short stories about him and Bella. He was a silly dog and made me laugh. Just the way he walked was funny to me. Fred helped me rediscover my love for poetry and writing short stories. Fred brought magic back into my life. I gave blogging one last shot and I have not stopped writing since.



Fred was a magical dog to me. He helped me rediscover my childhood joys. Often Fred plays my muse and I love that. I can almost see him sitting in Heaven under a big old Willow Tree with a big smile on his face, waiting for me. Thank-you Fred the Basset dachshund for owning my heart.


I hope you enjoyed this story about Fred my magical basset dachshund.

Thank-you for reading.

Brenda Marie


3 thoughts on “The Magic Basset Dachshund

  1. Awww such a sweet remembrance of your dear Fred. He sure looks like a wonderful friend. I love basset hounds, too, and have had several over the years. They are so lovable and funny. It’s always sad to let them go. ❤

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