Failure is an Illusion


Failure is an Illusion



Failure is an illusion. Everything we do teaches us something. Or, at least tries to teach us something. Often we ignore the lessons. Or we do not get them the first time around. That is why we have to go through things sometime several times.


We will go through similar things repeatedly in our lives. We do this until we learn the lessons. Some people never learn the lessons life is trying to teach them. I believe there is no such thing as failure because there is always something good that can come out of it. That is the wonderful thing about how our world works. There is always both a negative and positive side to everything. It all depends on your personal perception. In this way, failure is an illusion.


If you look at everything as a failure, then that is what it will be. The human ego is a powerful thing and does what we tell it to. If you repeatedly think you are a failure, you are programing yourself not to succeed. That is not a good thing and you need to change the way you see yourself. Changing the way you see yourself can be a tough thing to do.


There is a way around this, but it takes time and effort. Change the way you see failures. Look for the lessons you have learned or what you could have done differently. Try to see the positive side or things. Did something good come out of it? Did you realize you should have done something different? Maybe the next time you face a similar situation, things will work out better.


Change does not happen overnight. If you catch yourself thinking negatively, it’s alright. Change your negative thoughts into positive ones. You will see over time your whole life will get better.


Take it one step at a time. Every little change makes a difference. Do not be hard on yourself if you catch yourself thinking negatively. Everyone makes mistakes, some of us more than others. It’s what you take away from your mistakes that matter. Remember, failure is an illusion. We all make mistakes, that is how we learn and grow.


Thank-you for reading. Much Love and Light!

Brenda Marie Fluharty


Photos and content by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2021 all right reserved



9 thoughts on “Failure is an Illusion

  1. 💜 Totally Agreed as does Rudyard Kipling in his poem ‘If’ EveryOne; it’s written with masculine pronouns so I Suggest read it as Gender Neutral



  2. I agree! We can learn and grow and heal from our negative experiences. Even the ones we are tempted to see as “failures.” But you're right – changing our perspective can take time. Even that becomes part of the learning process.


  3. Agreed. One of the hardest lessons I had to learn is that if I dislike something about another person, I need to look inward and make some changes because what I dislike is a reflection of part of me.


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