The Death of a Pet and Getting Through the Pain of the Lose

The Death of a Pet


The death of a pet is difficult. If you never had a pet, you would not understand. Pets become members of the family, when they die it’s like losing a member of your family. Sometimes it can be even more difficult to deal with the lose of a pet. Pets give unconditional love and that is extremely powerful.


Dealing with the death of anyone you love is never easy. Each person takes their own time to deal with the lose. We never truly get over the lose, we learn how to deal with it. That is how I feel about it. I believe we are all one and pets and people who die never really leave us, they just go to another realm and wait for us to join them.



Dealing with the Death of Leelee, the Contented Dachshund



Leelee was a sweet little dachshund my family got for my son about a year after my mother passed away. My son was not dealing with my mother’s death well and his doctor recommended we get him a dog. It took me a long time to find Leelee. She was a shelter dog and was bred almost to death. She was born in a puppy mill and rescued  only to end up on death row at a shelter. You can read Leelee’s story, the Dog No One Wanted, on my other blog Writing Through the Soul.


Leelee was about nine years old when we got her. We had her for almost seven years. She was like a daughter to me. Losing Leelee was almost like losing my mother again for my son. It was difficult, but it helped that I let him help take care of her in the end. Leelee was a strong-willed dog who did not want to leave her loving family. She was much like my mother, because she fought until she just could not fight anymore. Leelee, the contented dachshund, died with a big smile on her face. She finally let go on a Saturday morning, my husband was home. She fell asleep on my shoulder and that was the end.


It was strange not having a dog. It was a week before I stopped offering the couch something to eat. A stuff dachshund sat by my side for a while. The best way to get over the lose of a pet is to get another. I had to find another dog that needed me. My search for a dog got crazy when my son started asking me if I had found him a new dog.


A little less than a month after Leelee passed away, we ended up getting not just one dog but two. Bella, a crazy little mini-dachshund and her buddy Fred. It was love at first sight when I saw Fred. I love basset hounds and Fred was the perfect sized little hound.


The first thing I had a vet check them out. Bella was fine, she was about five years old and a healthy little dog. Fred had a cyst over his heart. The vet said, I would be lucky if he lived for another six months. I loved Fred, and it did not matter. I would enjoy the time I had with him.


Dealing with the Death of Fred My Beloved Basset Dachshund



Fred lasted 1 year and 11 months. I loved every moment I got to spend with this sweet old dog. Fred was a great guard dog. He would stay up at night and watch the house. We called him the night watchmen. He reminded my husband of Deputy Dog, a cartoon from the 60s.


Fred once saved me and Bella from an attack by a big dog four times his size. The dog was known for going after smaller dogs and killing them. Had he gotten a hold of Bella, she would have been gone. Fred got in between the dog, Bella,  and me. He fought the dog off until his owner came and got him. Fred, my hero dog.


Fred was just one of those types of dogs everyone fell in love with. My entire neighborhood loved Fred. A group of us would walk our dogs together because of that dog. We were safer in numbers.





Fred was a magical basset dachshund to me. I believe he was a gift from my grandfather to help remind me of my love for writing. I was just about to give up on my writing all together and Fred changed that. He was a silly and sweet dog. He always made me laugh. Fred loved lemons. What dog do you know that likes lemons?


Fred returned to my grandfather in Heaven on February 22, 2020. Five twos mean big changes guided by your angels. The death of Fred the basset dachshund was difficult for me. I went into shock, I did not want to believe he was gone.


He died like his mother, heart to heart, lying on me. I felt the cyst over his heart burst and he was gone, just like that. It still breaks my heart. I can almost feel his loving body on me. Fred was a very special dog and will never be forgotten. Every dog in my neighborhood started howling because they all know he was gone. Bella started howling as loud as she could, like she was telling every dog in the neighborhood Fred had died. It was like they were all saying good-bye. I love to hear dogs howl, it’s music to me.


I Still Have Bella



I miss Fred and Leelee but I still have Bella. Bella acts like Fred sometimes. I think she does it for me. Dogs have a way of knowing when their owners are upset. Bella is a funny little dog. She is good, mostly, but she does like to get into things.


Since Fred passed away, Bella thinks she is a hunting dog. She loves to hunt bugs. Sometime she catches them. I still wonderful what she thinks of lightening bugs. Bella is a gift and having her helps me, deal with the lose of Fred.


Writing is another to deal with lose. Write about what you have lost. I am sure you have many lovely memories to share. I know, writing has helped me a great deal.


Thank-you for reading.
Much Love and light
 Brenda Marie.

Content  and photos by Brenda Marie Fluharty  ©2021 all right reserved

10 thoughts on “The Death of a Pet and Getting Through the Pain of the Lose

  1. Sorry for your loss, this was such a poignant post, it really resonated with me. It’s been four and a half months since I lost my darling cat Zoe and people seem to think I should be over it. Some days are better than others but on certain days I remember her tenderness and love and miss her little meows more than usual. I am trying to find another cat to fill the void in my life, but the shelters are being a bit too demanding (although I looked after two rescue cats with no problems in this very house). So I wait… and remember…


  2. Leelee and Fred were both so beautiful. It's hard when losing a pet because they are just like our children. We lost both our sheltie and toy poodle when they were both 16 years old. They both live in my heart.


  3. I remember when my dog (almost 18 y old) died. Given his age, it was less traumatic. (We were amazed Robbie survived as long as he did.) But, I've seen how the loss of a pet has affected my friends and comisserate with your feelings.


  4. I was just listening to a reading from a book of an author who write on losses. And was thinking of this topic. the loss of a pet in fact is not something that really passes, we just need to learn to live out lives with the loss and learn to live with the loss. It is so hard- over the years I have lost many pets, family members, friends, and more that each time I feel like a piece of myself has been lost as well. I prefer to think of it as each lost becomes another added piece of my heart, although with one of these losses one day I will ended up being diagnosed with and enlarged heart, LOL! The humor in that helps me cope!


  5. Writing is a beautiful way to process and work through the loss of a pet or other loved one! Thanks for sharing about your dogs. I can feel your love for them in your writing.


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